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The Mystery Tree
Remembrance Of Things Past

In twenty stanzas
Roy Lease

“So long as men can breath or eyes can see
So long lives this and this gives life to thee"
(Sonnet 18)



Immortality is this:
A hug, a sigh, a secret kiss;
A light within our searching eyes,
under Heaven’s starry skies



Paradise is you and me
beneath our secret meeting tree,
Where grass is green and sky is blue,
where God still lives and love is true.



You clear a space within my soul
where love, at last, is in control.
You rescue memories from time
and cause our Mystery Tree to shine.



You light a lamp within my brain
and change my losses into gain.
You light my present with our past.
Yours is the only Love that lasts.



When I discover something True,
I know it has its root in you.
The True, the Beautiful and Good
are all I know and all I should.



These secret thoughts are all I own.
They cling to Life as flesh to bone.
Through these thoughts I’m joined to pain:
This dream of paradise regained.



I listened long when you were gone,
to hear  the echo of our song.
I hear it in these silent stones.
I’m by myself, but not alone.



I would go where love has gone,
where once your Love and mine belonged.
But where’s that secret we once knew
that night we swore we would be true?



Beyond this Dream of yours and mine
there must be Something divine.
It is whispered in my ear;
Something knows that we were here.



Beyond this Dream of mine and yours
there must be some distant shore.
Else endless night would seem to rule
when we leave this ship of fools.



When Love and loneliness conspire
to write a poem as Truth requires,
This I confess and nothing more:
It’s you alone I still adore.



I keep our Love alive within,
though memory makes your face grow dim.
Will we return to smile as one,
when this time and Times are done?



I saw your cheek again today.
Your soul was just a breath away.
It was a trick my soul devised
to keep your love before my eyes.



Are you alive or underfoot,
where worms romance with soil and soot?
Do you pause at times and sigh,
“Our Love is just a dream gone by.”?



Satori, light and states of grace
are all reflected in your face.
Our sun would languish if he knew
the radiance that comes from  you.



What is God when talk is done,
but He who joins two souls as one?
What were angels born to do
but light my journey back to you?



I dreamed that Life should weep regrets
for treating us without respect.
But, no, Time tossed us both away,
without remorse toward our decay.



What’s the Universe to me?
It’s your face I long to see.
Why interrogate the stars?
They cannot show me where you are.



Can this fading Love of mine
at last make mockery of Time.
Or must high Hope die in this verse,
when my love rides in a hearse?



My Love, our Love, is all I know
and will continue ‘till I go
Back to that from which I’m made,
undefeated, unafraid.


The End

Copyright 2010 Roy Lease ©

This poem was written by a 77 year-old man who has Parkinson's disease. If you are moved by his lovely poem, he would love to hear from you.

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