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The Spring Resort and Spa

The Mineral Springs

Woman in hot spring poolEuropeans have flocked to hot mineral spring spas for centuries to experience the restorative and curative values of the mineral waters. The practice of "taking the waters" for therapeutic purposes is as popular today as it was in the days of the Roman baths. Within Desert Hot Springs exists one of the greatest thermal water areas in the world. These natural hot springs have been compared to the famous healing waters of Baden-Baden, Vichy and Evian. The very word "spa" means a place providing therapeutic mineral springs but while the number of spas continue to grow in the United States, very few offer the real nature of a spa… healing restorative mineral spring water.
Health Benefits

The health benefits of mineral-rich, hot springs have been well documented over the years. From early indigenous peoples to current day health enthusiasts, mineral waters around the world are famous for their healing attributes. While stress is relieved by the natural heat, the minerals absorbed through the skin rejuvenate the body. The water in Desert Hot Springs is also especially rich in silica leaving the skin soft and smooth.
The Cornell Study on the Spa market

"The mineral water here is some of the best in America…"
Travel & Leisure Magazine 2001

"Every sickness, every disease, every ailment can be traced to a mineral deficiency."
Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Laureate

The analyses of the waters in Desert Hot Springs, I have not found the like in any country I have explored. What has surprised me most is the mineral content of the water. It is a pronounced curative agency. It would appear to have qualities far superior to any waters known to me. Desert Hot Springs could be an important health center.
Dr. Broue, Australian geologist and physicist
Soaking Up the Health Benefits of Natural Mineral Waters
Contributed by Susie Farnworth

With three pools offering naturally heated waters, rich in beneficial minerals, The Spring Resort & Spa is an ideal choice if you wish to relax and enjoy the healing properties of natural mineral waters. The waters here are some of the hottest around the area, providing waters that have an even higher content of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and iron, as well as trace elements like iodine, manganese and selenium. From promoting the health of your skin and relieving pain to helping in the management of chronic health problems that affect your physical and mental wellness, everyone can benefit from bathing in these mineral rich waters.

Woman in natural hot mineral spring poolsTreating skin problems

Your skin is adapted to only absorb as much minerals as it needs, making soaking in mineral waters a more effective way to get these essential micronutrients than taking supplements. Not only can this boost your skin's general health and appearance, but studies show that bathing in these waters can improve several skin problems. People with psoriasis may find that their symptoms reduce thanks to the positive impact that minerals have on the multiplication of skin cells, preventing the overgrowth that can lead to patches of flaky skin. Bathing in mineral waters may also offer a natural treatment if you have eczema owing to the extra magnesium you receive, and can additionally benefit a condition known as vitiligo, where exposure to sunlight reduces pigmentation in your skin.

Relieving pain

When used along with physical therapy this may be able to reduce your reliance on painkillers. Certainly for low back pain, bathing in mineral-rich water combined with therapeutic exercises not only reduce pain, but also improve movement and quality of life significantly more than when physical therapy alone is used. However, improvements in pain scores are also seen when using this natural therapy in people with various conditions affecting the joints and soft tissues, with greatest benefits seen in the management of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. While taking mineral therapy is a relaxing experience, which in part could explain pain relief, the minerals themselves are also likely to contribute to the beneficial effects seen. For instance, certain minerals play a role in controlling enzymes and hormones, which can influence inflammation that is often associated with pain.

Managing chronic conditions

If you have diabetes, heart disease or a lung condition, you may also benefit your health by enjoying warm mineral waters. For instance, a study showed that immersing in waters with a high mineral content reduce blood sugar levels among people with type 2 diabetes. Taking to these waters may also lower blood pressure and improve blood flow, so is beneficial if you have coronary artery disease or have suffered a heart attack or stroke. A combination of relaxation and positive changes brought about by increased mineral uptake may additionally improve airway function, benefitting anyone with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

While a trip to The Spring Resort and Spa can offer a range of potential health benefits, if you have any existing medical problems, you may wish to see your doctor before you travel to make sure that you are in good health to make the most of the benefits on offer here.  


Cabot Yerxa discovers the sparkling clear, curative mineral waters of Desert Hot Springs

Woman in indoor mineral poolsCabot Yerxa homesteaded 160 acres here in 1913. On advice of his Native American neighbors, Cabot began digging into the granite for water. As he dredged deeper into the earth, the water at his feet grew hotter, forcing him to devise a complicated method of ropes and buckets to cool his feet as he penetrated the earth.

His first well, at 36 feet, produced crystal clear water at 132 degrees. A month later, just 600 yards away, he dug a second well producing cool, fresh drinking water. The phenomenon prompted Cabot to name his homestead Miracle Hill.

While the hot mineral spring water is heated in earth’s fissures, the cold water in Desert Hot Springs is a separate aquifer and it is also remarkably high in minerals. This is the region's drinking water. There is absolutely nothing done to this water. Nothing is added and nothing is taken out. The water in Desert Hot Springs is consumed in its pure and natural state... just as it comes out of the earth. This is almost unprecedented in the United States.

Hands trying best tasting drinking water Award Winning Drinking Water
Desert Hot Springs water is so delicious it has been voted "The Best Tasting in the World" at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Awards in Berkley Springs, West Virginia. Desert Hot Springs is the most decorated city in the United States for it’s outstanding tasting water.

Our water emerges from the earth at 170 degrees
The hot mineral water has a greater mineral content than the cold water. In fact, the hotter the water the greater the mineral content. At THE SPRING, our mineral water is one of the hottest in the region, emerging at 170 degrees, it is cooled and fed into our three mineral pools. After an exfoliation, these healing minerals are more easily absorbed through the skin. Repeated exfoliation, massage and soaking stimulate the healing process, resulting in total relaxation and rejuvenation.
THE SPRING is the place to renew - to be reborn
Crystal clear natural hot springs
Toes in hot springs
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