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Welcome to
"Vida Cleanse Yoga & Juice Fasting Retreat"

2018 Retreat Schedule

6 days & 5 nights
Booking and Rates
October 21st - 26th
November 11th - 16th
December 9th - 14th
January 27th - February 1st
February 24th - March 1st
April 28th - May 3rd
May 12th - May 17th
June 9th - June 14th


Vida Cleanse Yoga - Yesenia Johnson

All retreats begin on Sunday
Check in 3 p.m. /
Check out 12 p.m.

Please remember space
is very limited.
Please call for availability


"Vida Cleanse Yoga & Juice Fasting Retreat"
Yesenia Johnson

Lose weight, Restore Your Glow,
Increase Energy, Detoxify Your
Body and Be Restored!

The Vida Cleanse is the only comprehensive, detox juice cleanse retreat in the southern California desert where you can enjoy the powerful, healing benefits of natural, mineral springs during your fast. Healing, mineral spring water is an important element during your cleanse fast retreat. THE SPRING spa retreat is 15 minutes from Palm Springs, in the southern California desert. The Palm Springs International airport is a short 15 minute drive.

Cleanse and Detox? What do they mean?

Cleansing is the natural process of eliminating toxins and waste from your body. In particular, toxic waste that has accumulated and is impacted in the large intestine. Detoxification is the powerful natural process that removes waste from your cells, organs and blood but when our bodies become so bogged down and toxic, we are no longer able to effectively detox naturally. When you do a comprehensive cleanse, you jumpstart the natural detox process in your body. The 6 days and 5 nights you spend with me at the Vida Cleanse in Desert Hot Springs can change your life. Only your body can detox your body! At my Vida Cleanse, you will experience a complete cleanse. You will lose weight and kick start your body to begin the powerful detox changes within your body and you will gain all the tools you need to keep your body’s detox process healthy and strong after you leave.

At my Vida Cleanse fast retreat, you will be guided and supported so that eliminating solid food for 6 days will be easy. You will consume nourishing liquids, juice, teas and supplements. You will lose weight, experience a new found clarity and you will have the tools to change your life. When you leave my Vida Cleanse cleansing / detox spa retreat, you will be well on your way in the detox process. You will learn how to keep weight off and will have the emotional clarity and motivation to stay healthy!

About Yesenia Johnson

Yesenia JohnsonGrowing up in a strong traditional family I was used to eating many fresh home cooked meals. We relied on healthy eating and activity rather than pharmaceuticals for wellness. In spite of our supposed healthy lifestyle, cancer stuck twice and I was propelled to take a better look at my eating habits and overall lifestyle, wanting the best for my son’s health as well as my own. Witnessing the dramatic effects of fasting and colon hydro-therapy, my eyes were opened to the importance and necessity of detoxifying the body to maintain health and also to restore it! I learned how toxic even the most simple life choices can be. My experience as a colon hydro-therapist has given me a deep understanding of how what we put into bodies affects our digestive system and overall health. I’ve worked with many, many guests during their cleanses and have seen them achieve amazing results. I became impassioned by this understanding and practical experience and it enabled me to create the Vida Cleanse:

Vida Cleanse

Vida Cleanse is an opportunity to heal, learn and transform through juicing and fasting.  My mission is to help you cleanse your body at the cellular level, utilizing colon hydrotherapy, massage, Tai Chi, workshops, light exercise and sauna sessions while soaking in naturally detoxifying mineral pools.  Your detoxified body will do what it is designed to do best - HEAL ITSELF!  I will help you on your journey to transform your body, mind, spirit and soul to achieve real, lasting results. I will guide you how to fundamentally shift your relationship to whole foods by teaching you how to adopt a more plant based way of life.  My goal is to guide you throughout your journey to a more health conscious lifestyle after you leave THE SPRING. There is no better environment to begin your journey than at THE SPRING. Powerful, healing minerals are absorbed through the skin and will stimulate the healing process.  I will assist you throughout your cleanse so you can achieve your goals in a unity of mind, body and spirit.

Why Cleanse?

Most of us try to at least make time once a year for a good spring cleaning of our home. We pick up here and there in between but nothing major. But how many of us can say that about our own bodies? How often do you clean in every nook and cranny internally? Should you do it?  When.  Why?

Cleansing is a great way to achieve many things. For one, it can help you relieve stress in our body, mind, and spirit.  It also helps to balance us and free us from addictions.  It is a great way to heal from congestion, constipation, allergies, and most other diseases. And yes, you will lose weight.  It can also increase our consciousness and spirituality. Cleansing removes excess amounts of mucus, old fecal matter, trapped cellular and non-food waste. Periodic cleansing helps purify the liver, kidneys and blood. It enhances mental clarity, inner peace, and increases energy.

Modern society, with all of its advances, has a lot of drawbacks. The price we pay for faster and cheaper manifests itself in the forms of stress, toxins, chemicals, air pollutants, and radiation. Our food is over processed, de-mineralized and chuck full of herbicides, pesticides, food colorings and preservatives.  A strong and clean body can rid itself of most toxic waste but without proper cleansing, this waste can and will build up.  A buildup of toxins is like a wall coating our intestinal tract.  It does not allow good absorption of vitamins and nutrients. This makes our bodies susceptible to diseases and ailments. Without help, chronic illness can occur.

So the question becomes not if I should cleanse,
but when and how?

Let’s examine some common symptoms of toxicity in our body:

  • Constapation
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent Colds
  • Halitosis (Bad Breath)
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Obesity
  • Acne
  • Skin Conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis)
  • Joint Stiffness/Aces and Pains
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Menstrual Problems
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • All of the "itis' (arthritis, colitis, bronchitis...)

The optimal time to cleanse is on quarterly basis.  But being honest and looking at the real world, it should at least be once a year, just like our house. Cleansing should become part of our routine to keep our systems vital!

Answer the questions on this list and
note the number of "yes" answers!

  • Do you have headaches more than occasionally?
  • Do you tend to get colds or viruses each year?
  • Do you have bowel movements less frequently than once a day?
  • Do you have bowel movements that are not soft and easily passed?
  • Do you have diarrhea more than very rarely?
  • Do you get itchy or watery eyes at certain times of the year?
  • Do you have allergies or hay fever?
  • Do you often get congested or mucus?
  • Do you feel bloated after eating?
  • Do you have extra pounds that won’t come off with diet and exercise?
  • Do you have puffiness in areas of your face or body?
  • Do you have dark circles under your eyes?
  • Do you get heartburn?
  • Do you have gas more than occasionally?
  • Do you have bad breath or body odor?
  • Is there a thin white coating on the back of your tongue when you wake up?
  • Do you get cravings for certain kinds of foods, especially sugary, starchy or dairy foods?
  • Do you have a tendency toward restless sleep?
  • Do you have itchy skin, pimples, or any other troubling skin condition?
  • Do you get pain or stiffness in your joints or muscles?
  • Do you have low moods or a foggy mind?
  • Do you find that you are forgetful, have difficulty concentrating, or can’t find words?
  • Do you feel apathetic and tired?
  • Do you feel angry or have bursts of irrational frustration?
  • Do you have higher-than-average sensitivity to odors?
  • Have you noticed an increasing sensitivity to toxins in everyday life, such as feeling nauseated when you smell dry-cleaning fluid or fill up your car’s tank with gas, noticing stronger effects of certain food additives, or having reactions to cleaning or personal-care products?
  • Do you use multiple prescription medications?
  • Do you have strange reactions to medications or supplements?
  • Do you use many potentially toxic chemicals in your home or work environment?
  • Do you have musculoskeletal aches and pains or symptoms suggestive of fibromyalgia?
  • Do you have tingling or numbness on one side?
  • Do you have recurrent edema?
  • Have you noticed a worsening of any troublesome symptoms after anesthesia or pregnancy?

If you answered "yes" to three or more of these questions,
you can and will benefit from the Vida Cleanse!

At the Vida Cleanse, you will have the tools to
heal and live in unity of…

How the body works - Nerves, Organs, Cells, Brain, 5 senses... sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Exercise, physical activity and nutrition.
Relaxation, Yoga, Hiking.
Hydration, Elimination, Detoxification.
Well being encompasses all parts, not just our physical body.
Treat your BODY right!
Mind is the set of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, and memory.
Increase your agility.
Ask the body what it needs and what it needs to release.
Explore new eating habits.
Understand the importance of WATER!
Read, problem solve.
Challenge yourself!
Relationship between ourselves and something larger, being in the right relationship with all that is.
Your journey to healing.
Living in the moment.
Self discipline, willpower, goals, accomplishments.
Explore meditation, balance.
Learn to nurture yourself.
Lets not forget LOVE!

What will my day be like during my Vida Cleanse?

Vida CleanseYou’ll be indulging in fresh organic juices packed with some of the most important antioxidants, Vitamin C and A and its concentration of beta-carotene. Green Juice is power packed with nutrition. Greens produce chlorophyll which oxygenates your blood. YOU WILL NOT BE HUNGRY! You’ll be ingesting supplements such as probiotics, enzymes, herbal detox drops for liver and kidney function, Green Magic, fiber, and electrolytes. Hunger will not be an issue during your Vida Cleanse. You will have a complete, easy to understand schedule and will consume something every hour. You will be participating in Yoga classes, a low impact hike, relaxing forms of exercise for both mind and body. We will meet every evening for an educational workshops on nutrition with Dr Rabb ND, Meditation with Darly, along with other classes on digestion, elimination, food combining and a fun food demo class. We’ll be finishing off our evening with a delicious potassium broth, Life Saver, which regulates your acid / base balance, aids in muscle contraction, and regulates the fluid balance.

Vida Cleanse Retreat Package Includes...

  • ORGANIC juices daily
  • Potassium broths
  • Purium Health Products
  • Teas
  • Yoga
  • Guided Meditation
  • Wellness Shots by Dr. Needle b12/6
  • Use of Healthful Equipment
  • Hiking
  • Nutritionist Post Cleanse tutorial
  • Finnish sauna 247
  • Mineral Soaking Pools 247
  • 2 Colonics
  • Sound Bath with crystal bowls
  • Qigong Class
  • Vision Board workshop
  • Private Energy Session
  • Hands on 24/7 support

Vida Cleanse Retreat Package Includes…

  • Accommodations in a Poolside King Room or Courtyard Room or Desert View Villa at THE SPRING. All rooms offer king size pillow-top beds of the finest quality (2 Queen beds in the Courtyard room) with Egyptian cotton linens, down pillows and down duvets. Robes and slippers, stereo CD players, free wi-fi, hair dryers and all bath amenities are provided. Special request for our two bedroom villa.
  • NOTE: The villas are located across the property approximately 150 yards. 24 hour access to pools and sauna.

  • Unlimited 24 hour access to the resort’s 3 glorious mineral pools
  • Access to the authentic Finnish sauna 24 hours
  • Books and DVDS (living rm area)
  • Healthful equipment (trampoline, vibrant trim, slant board)
  • Recommended Treatments
    Massages of course!
    Phytomer Facial
    Spring Buff body treatments
    3-5 Colonics (colon hydrotherapy)

    Colon irrigation is very important during your cleanse. The cleansing process is accelerated by colon hydrotherapy. Colonics are a safe effective way of softening and releasing waste that has accumulated into your colon. Colon cleaning will remove the toxins and waste that are loosened during the fast. Also, colon cleansing will eliminate cleansing reactions. You don’t want to be sick or have cleansing reaction headaches and cleaning your colon will eliminate those reactions. Sessions are highly encouraged and are at an additional charge. We use only FDA approved Dotolo Equipment.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Hiking shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Sun Protection
  • Journal/Notepad/Your favorite pen
  • Books/DVD’s (some will be provided for you)
  • Camera
  • Hat
  • Flip Flops
  • Robe (Hotel provides one)

Things NOT to bring:

  • No jewelry or valuables
  • No scented lotions or perfume
  • No cigarettes or alcohol
  • No food
  • Cell phones may be used inside the rooms or off site
  • Work... the less the better!

Please remember space is very limited.
Please call for availability

2018 Retreat Schedule

October 21st - 26th
November 11th - 16th
December 9th - 14th
January 27th - February 1st
February 24th - March 1st
April 28th - May 3rd
May 12th - May 17th
June 9th - June 14th

Empower Another  (and Save!)

Take advantage of our double occupancy rate.  Bring a friend, spouse, son, brother, daughter or sister and enjoy a weekend away in a healthy environment!  Each retreat includes healthy, guided cleansing, nourishing raw organic juices, hands-on classes, yoga, meditation, rest and rejuvenation, not to mention a new you!  

Love yourself because
That is where beauty begins!

It is important that we let you know space is limited for each retreat. Your next step is to reserve your spot so you can join us for this life changing event!

For additional information, please contact me directly at:
(760) 641-9385

Yesenia Johnson
Please call THE SPRING at 760.251.6700 for more information

5 day 6 night juice fasting retreat will empower
you on your path to a balanced lifestyle!

Upon scheduling your reservation a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The non-refundable balance will be charged to your credit card 20 days prior to arrival. You have to be serious about making a commitment to your health! You may check-in anytime after 3pm. The Villa check-in is 4pm. Please arrive by 6pm for our first meet and greet. We will get to know each other and go over our exciting week to come!

NOTE: We cannot accept individuals who are nursing or pregnant. Also, please remember your health is your own responsibility. If you have doubts or concerns about medications, preexisting conditions or any issues with your current state of health, please consult your medical professional before beginning any cleansing program.
Wellness Travel Awards WINNER 2016 Best of PS
Reader's Choice Silver Sage Best B&B Awards Desert Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce Spas of America
2018 Certificate of EXCELLENCE TripAdvisor