Our Story

The property that is now The Spring Resort and Spa was originally built in 1957 and was known for over 45 years as The Moors Hotel, a modest Miracle Hill hangout that was charmingly rustic with a partly hand-painted sign and a rectangular pool positioned against a dramatic mountain backdrop. It saw a few celebrity regulars who sought a private escape away from adoring fans and the paparazzi. The hotel was purchased in 2003 and aptly renamed The Spring.

Cabot Yerxa, one of the early homesteaders in what is now known as Desert Hot Springs, understood the power of the mineral springs and how the healing minerals and hot spring water may ease the pain of arthritis, joint irritation, and possibly even breathing of the mineral steam. His hand-built pueblo is a must site to visit in order to gain the sense of wonder the region offered in its earliest days.

The Spring at night