Benefit the Planet by Going Green, Gratitude for Mother Earth

Benefit the Planet by Going Green

Benefit the Planet by Going Green, Gratitude for Mother Earth

It’s that time of the year again when we take a break from chasing our dreams and join our friends and family to celebrate things we are grateful for as well as share great food and times with them. This Thanksgiving, however, make things different by being grateful not only for personal accomplishments and blessings but also for our beautiful planet. Be thankful to Mother Nature because despite being cruel, she still offers free services to satisfy our needs. Do this not through words but by being sustainable.

How to Express Gratitude to Mother Earth

Going green is not as tough as the Naysayers make it look. It’s simply avoiding the bad unsustainable habits you engage in regularly. Here are ways to show gratitude to Mother Earth

Take Care of You

Part of showing appreciation to Mother Nature involves taking care of yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup. So if you’ve been living carelessly, start practicing self-care. For instance, spend money on things that benefit your body and health. For example, take a dip at our mineral springs to keep your body hydrated and skin glowing. Take more water and use green products on your skin.

Go Green on Shopping

Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season is all about shopping, cooking, and spending time with family. So much plastic makes its way to our environment this season more than any other time. So make a difference by carrying your reusable shopping bags and containers to Walmart instead of buying recyclable ones for your shopping.

Go Local

Source your produce from local groceries. The more local produce you buy, the better for Mother Nature as that local farmer who practices green farming will carry on with their excellent work. Also, you as you walk away with fresher, more nutritious produce.

Ditch the Disposables

This is that time when we buy so many disposables because Aunt Gertrude and her entire family will be coming over. But this time, make it different. Go for regular reusable utensils, and if you are doing outside catering, ensure your supplier has green options.

Compost the Scraps

As much as you try to avoid food waste, it’s almost impossible to do so on Thanksgiving. So instead of ditching all the scraps into the dump, compost them this time. If there’s anyone with a home garden, have them go with it, and if not, take it to that local farmer near you.

Save Water

Ensure your niece and nephews aren’t leaving the taps open. Use a low-flow showerhead and install water aerators to save water.

Spend this Thanksgiving Outside

You could also opt to make this Thanksgiving different by spending it at a fun and green place like Desert hot springs spa. This way, you’ll not only avoid wasteful Thanksgiving practices, but also you’ll make it more memorable and create a unique family tradition.


All the above are great ways to show gratitude to Mother Earth. Practice them not only this Thanksgiving but all year round.