Expand The Palm Desert Resorts Itinerary- Visit The Living Desert

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens Couple

Expand The Palm Desert Resorts Itinerary- Visit The Living Desert

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is located in Palm Springs and was previously known as the Living Desert Museum. It is both a zoo and a botanical garden that matches the surrounding desert environment in Palm Springs. For many years, this zoo has provided a safe space from animal species across the world and enabled the reintroduction of plant species. As you look up various Palm Desert resorts, be sure to visit the zoo and view some of nature’s most beautiful creations.

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

The gardens of the Living Desert were created in 1970. The original garden was around 360-acres in size and was home to animals such as tortoises, lizards and two bighorn sheep. Over the following years, the Living Desert gradually took in more animals, which are now a favorite part of any visitor tour.

Mountain lions and bobcats were introduced to the garden in 1993, cheetahs in 1995, stripped hyenas in 1998, and giraffes in 2002. You can also find rhim gazelles, badgers, meerkats, warthogs, ostriches, and several amphibians. Some of the animals, for example, the cheetah is originally from the savannahs in Africa. If you can’t book a trip to the continent, the Living Desert Zoo is an excellent place to observe the fastest cat in the world.

The botanical gardens are a replica of different deserts in the world, including the Mojave Desert, Chihuahuan Desert, Sonoran Desert and the Colorado Desert. Did you know that one of the hottest surface temperatures, of 134 degrees Fahrenheit, was recorded in Death Valley, which is part of the Mojave Desert? Luckily, the temperatures in the gardens lower than the desert temperatures. You will enjoy the experience.

The gardens also have specialized plants such as Agaves, African aloes, African Euphorbias, and Barrel cactus. One of the gardens attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, which, as you can imagine, is a marvelous sight. You can take a hike with your friends and family as you take in the landscape and also stop by the Petting Krall to pet some goats.

The garden also features a 3,300 feet track of railroad model. It is incredibly realistic and overlooks waterways, landmarks, including miniature recreations of Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon and Old Indio. If you’re visiting with the kids, they can enjoy the train-themed treasure hunts and enjoy the trackless train rides around the zoo.

The exhibits have over 1,600 plant species and 1,400 animal species from deserts in North America and Africa. The park also has a record of more than 150 birds, especially popular roadrunners. As the shuttles move, they’ll take you to from an African Village Watutu to the garden’s animal hospital.

The Living Desert Zoo and Garden is also home to reptiles, butterflies, dragonflies. You can also book a family tour as you reserve Palm Desert resorts to learn more about the desert ecosystem. To enjoy your stay in Palm Springs, plan your visit with the best Palm Desert resorts. The Spring is one of Palm Desert’s finest resorts and spas.