Masaru Emoto: Can Your Emotions Affect Matter?

Masaru Emoto: Can Your Emotions Affect Matter?

Masaru Emoto was a businessman and writer who took an interest in the relationship between emotions and matter. He believed that human consciousness has an impact on the structure of water. Why do his findings and experiments matter? Your body is 75% water. If your emotions impact the water inside you, then it is only right that you focus on the right emotions for better health.

The Study of Rice

In this experiment, Masaru Emoto put cooked rice into two separate jars. The significance of the test was to measure the impact of our words. It compares speaking loving words into the jar versus negative words.

According to Mr. Emoto, the rice that received kind words did not spoil as fast as the jar that received negative comments. The significance of the experiment is that your energy affects everything around you. The jar that received hateful comments rotted quickly because it received negative energy while the jar that received positive comments spoiled slower because it had positive energy.

The lesson we learn from Masaru Emoto’s hypothesis is that positive words nurture growth while negative words destroy you. Think about it. Have you ever been around a consistently negative person? How do you feel after spending time with people that drain your energy? The reality is that the words you hear and say matter.

If you desire positive outcomes in your life, you should be ready to speak positivity in your life. If you habitually think of yourself as excellent, then you are more likely to succeed and nurture the people around you. However, if you always criticize, rebuke others and complain about yourself, then you turn into “rotting rice.”

The Study of Water

Masaru Emoto’s contributions to pseudoscience go beyond rice experiments. Emoto also believed that vibrations from people influence the shape of water. According to Emoto, water formed beautiful crystals when spoken to positively and formed ugly crystals when exposed to negative words.

Emoto explains this concept through what he called hado- the intrinsic vibrational pattern in all atomic matter. Your words create vibrations, and the words can create either beautiful or ugly nature. Again, the purpose of this experiment was to emphasize the impact of our words. Positive words of love, gratitude and encouragement yield beautiful things in our lives while hate, complaints and criticism produce ugly things in our lives.

What we Can Learn from Masaru Emoto

Despite the criticism, Masaru Emoto shared what he believed with the world. There are several things you can learn to apply in your lives.

  • Water can amplify your emotions. The water is a mirror that shows your feelings and thoughts. You can choose to have positive words and create “beautiful crystals” or stay negative and create “negative crystals.”
  • You are up to 75% water, therefore, studying and understanding water can help you understand yourself.
  • When you create positive vibrations, you can foster peace and love around you.

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