Masaru Emoto: The Study of Frozen Ice Crystals

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Masaru Emoto: The Study of Frozen Ice Crystals

Masaru Emoto was a pseudoscientist and a contributor to the world of alternative healing. Through his experiments and studies, we at The Spring Resort and Spa in Desert Hot Springs helps to leverage the water in our bodies to help us heal. Your consciousness and the water in your body have a direct link that you can utilize to lead a happier life. The Spring has invested time to learn this practice, and in turn, help you learn true healing.

The Study of Water

In this study, Masaru Emoto, established the connection between water and the emotions in the words we speak to it. He had two separate jars of water, and he shouted different things at the jars. One jar received words of love, encouragement, and affirmation. The other jar received words of hate, dislike and condemnation. He also exposed the two water samples to different pictures and music.

After this, he froze the water and examined the crystals. The water that was exposed to positive words created beautiful crystals while the one that was exposed to harmful speech created ugly crystals. In short, the vibrations created by the words affected the crystals.

What Are the Effects of Masaru Emoto’s Study?

Masaru Emoto’s experiment shows that different vibrations affect the shape of water. Positive vibrations created positive results, while negative vibrations created ugly crystals. If you are 75% water, what do the vibrations around you cause?

Emoto describes the vibrations as hado. These are intrinsic vibrational patterns that exist in all atoms. The purpose of the experiment was to show that your emotions produce different types of vibrations, which then affect the shape of crystals.

What Is the Significance?

According to Masaru Emoto, your consciousness affects the molecular structure of water. As energy vibrates through water, it also affects your body. If the energy in your body is negative, it creates unpleasant crystals, but if it’s positive, beautiful crystals form.

By understanding the role of different vibrations in your life, you can learn to control the waves around you. Your goal is to be happy, successful, and at peace. To achieve positive results, you have to identify the activities and people that bring positivity into your life. People that encourage,  motivate and love you bring positive vibrations. However, people that condemn you and continuously cause you pain are sources of negative vibrations in your life.

It’s also essential for you to think about your thoughts. Self-love, appreciation, good feeding habits and being well-groomed are all feelings or habits that bring positive vibrations in your life. However, self-hate, feeling unloved, poor feeding habits, and lack of exercise will create negative vibrations in your life.

However, this concept also goes beyond the individual. If the negative thoughts and words create ugly things in you, then you also have a responsibility not to be negative with others. As you create positive vibrations and create beautiful things within, you can also spread positivity. When you are happy within, you can also help others feel happy.

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