Sound as Meditation

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Sound as Meditation

Regardless of the stress in your life, you can always benefit from the effects of sound during meditation at a Hot Spring Resort. For years, sound and meditation have been used together to promote healing of the mind and body. If you’re a beginner, following your breathing for several hours while seated in your home may not work for you.

Sound becomes the channel through which you can relax your brain into meditation. Of course, you can only experience the benefits of sound as mediation when it’s done correctly. Here are some things you should know about sound as meditation.

Your Brain and Sound

Your brain has electrical activity, in the form of brainwaves. Different types of brainwaves occur depending on your state of mind. Usually, utilizing binaural beats can help you ease your mind into various states by creating the right waves.

  • Beta waves occur when your brain is active and engaged mentally.
  • Alpha waves occur when your brain is not aroused. Meditation, sleep, and relaxation produce alpha waves.
  • Theta brainwaves occur when you are in flow states, such as driving, creativity, dreaming, or running for a continuous time.
  • Delta waves occur when you are in a deep state of sleep. They are the slowest and occur during dreamless sleep.

Sound Meditation

Meditation is a practice that helps you trains your mind to hold certain attitudes. After reflection, it becomes easier for you to retain certain states of mind despite the activities around you. There are different ways to approach meditation, including using sound.

Sound meditation is an ancient practice that uses vibrations from specific instruments to ease the mind into meditation. What makes these instruments unique is the types of sounds they produce and the frequencies. As you listen to the sound, you become more relaxed, less anxious and begin to sink deeper into your thoughts.

In sound meditation, the concept of vibrations is strongly emphasized. The waves from the instruments enter your ears, through the skin, through your bones and to every atom in your body. During sound meditation, you will experience the vibrations deep in your body. Eventually, you will find a sound that resonates with your body. Your body will then tune itself to that sound. Your cortisol levels will reduce, your muscles will relax and you will feel less stressed.

What Are the Benefits?

Sound is essential for anyone looking for alternative healing. It is used to reduce tension, fatigue, anger, depression, and anxiety. Sound is also used to improve mobility, lower pain, better sleep, increase blood circulation, and lower pressure.

Sound Meditation at a Hot Spring Resort

You can use binaural beats to create the right brainwaves for meditation. This also means that finding the right equipment, frequency, and volume for sound during meditation is crucial. Fortunately, sound healing experts exist to create the right waves that ease you into meditation.

At The Spring Resort and Spa, we provide the right environment to ease your mind into relaxation. Book a vacation with us for sound meditation!