The Effects of Sound On The Human Body

effect of sound on the body

The Effects of Sound On The Human Body

Sound has an incredible effect on the body, not to mention, the way it can get you into the right mood no matter what your activity. Perhaps you have a dedicated playlist for studying, for exercise, for relaxation.

Finding the right music or sound to listen to when reading, walking, jogging, sleeping and working is something we can all relate to. This means that we all understand the significance of sound in our lives. Noisy environments often mean poor concentration when trying to meditate or sleep. However, these environments may be ideal during a football game because they cheer us up.

What Are The Effects of Sound On You?

Sound affects us in different ways. Understanding the impact of sound on your body can help you become cautious and attentive to the types of sounds around you. If you’re planning to take a vacation to Palm Springs Hot Springs, finding the right sounds can help you experience pure relaxation.


Sound affects your body. Since you are 75% water, the sound conducts exceptionally well in your body, causing significant effects. Your ability to hear is also a primary warning sense. When you hear a sudden noise, your body processes the sound like a threat. Your body immediately releases higher levels of cortisol, which increases your heartbeat.

This adaptation has existed in you for thousands of years, proving just how critical hearing is for human existence. Despite hearing sudden car honks, bus movements and machines around you, sudden noises increase your alertness.


Music, for instance, can change your moods and emotions. It has an effect on your psychology. Imagine the different types of music you have for various moods. Some songs make you happy, while others make you sad. Breakup songs, for instance, will make you feel depressed and lonely. However, music is not the only sound that affects us. The sounds of chirping birds in the morning can be more relaxing than a piano.


The sound around you influences how you work. You may find it easier to clean when you have loud music blasting throughout the house. Maybe you enjoy doing your homework with complete silence around you. The reality is that sound takes up a critical bandwidth in your ears. Working in silence when covering homework or studies helps you listen to your inner voice. However, silence when cleaning your bathroom may be awkward. The most distracting sound, however, is the human voice. Finishing cognitive tasks when people are talking around you is hard because you cannot block out their words, and it affects your focus.


You will naturally move towards pleasant sounds and move away from noise. Loud and unpleasant noises can make you frightened, stressed and angry. Having pleasant sounds or no sounds at all is great for relaxation. You will find it easier to sleep or meditate in a calm environment with slow and gentle music on low volume.

Taking a Vacation at Palm Springs Hot Springs

We at The Spring Resort and Spa understand the impact of sound on healing and relaxation. With us, you can enjoy your meditation, and a quiet, adult-only resort to get the most out of your experience.