The Excellent Benefits of Reflexology Massage

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The Excellent Benefits of Reflexology Massage

If you are always on the lookout for ways to enhance your well being, then there is no doubt you’ve heard about reflexology. Maybe you were going through wellness trends articles, saw it through a recent movie or series, or even a friend enthusiastically recommended you try it. But what exactly is reflexology? Why should you consider it, or what are the benefits it packs? If you are yet to find answers to these questions, read on to discover what it is and why you should consider booking a reflexology session at a natural hot spring Spa in California.

What is Reflexology?

Also known as zone therapy or acupressure, reflexology is a 4000-year-old healing art of foot and hand massage. It has its roots in ancient China and Egypt. According to this art, the human foot and the hand are believed to have pressure points that correspond with particular organs and the nervous system. So reflexology is a highly specialized type of hand and foot massage that involves applying pressure to the said pressure points to promote good health.

Benefits of Getting a Reflexology Massage at Palm Springs Spa

Even though the theory of reflexology dates thousands of years back, it has been proven effective and boasts a wide range of benefits you will love. These include;

Boosts Nerve Functions

With each passing year, your body ages, making your nerves less and less sensitive to things they previously detected and reacted to quickly. The good news, however, is that not all hope is lost. Reflexology massage at our Spring Spa has been proven to help improve and restore nerve functionality. It opens up and cleans neutral pathways, and as a result, offers a function and flexibility boost to the nerves and cells in the various body organs.

Eases Stress and Anxiety

While it has numerous benefits, one of the most significant benefits of getting a reflexology massage is that it helps alleviate stress and anxiety.  It opens up neural pathways, allowing positive neural energy to flow freely. This creates a state of harmony between the mind and the body, leaving you in a much calmer, relaxed state.

Thanks to the calming and soothing effects, reflexology is also used to diagnose sleep disorders such as insomnia. So if you’ve been struggling to keep those eyes closed while everyone around you is snoring, book your reflexology massage session today at our  Palm Springs spa.

Offers Pain Relief

Reflexology also provides relief for pain caused by migraines or headaches. It also eases neck, upper, and lower backaches. It often achieves this by relieving the muscle tension associated with these problems. In the case of headaches, a reflexology massage usually does the trick by promoting relaxation.

Alleviates Swelling Caused by Pregnancy

During the last trimester of pregnancy, most women often experience swelling in the feet and their ankles, mainly due to fluid retention. If you are currently in this phase with your bundle of joy,  regularly have a reflexology massage. It has been deemed effective in alleviating the swelling.