The Power of Self Love and Putting YOU First

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The Power of Self Love and Putting YOU First

Self-love and self-care may seem like a luxury. However, it is vital for your mental well-being. Self-love is also more than reading a cheesy self-help book and taking an unhealthy snack. Let’s take a look at what self-love means to The Spring Resort and Spa.

Self-Love and Self-compassion

One of the most critical parts of self-love is self-compassion. A compassionate person can sympathize with other people’s suffering and go out of their way to help others. When it comes to the self, compassion is surprisingly hard to find.

Without compassion, it is difficult to open your mind to the possibility of suffering. Self-compassion is crucial because it reminds you that you are human and may suffer at one point. Suffering does not mean you are a failure. It also does not mean that you are bound to suffer forever. With self-compassion, you have an opportunity to overcome the victim-mentality, accept suffering, and still strive to do better.

Self-Love and Perfectionism

While most people sell perfectionism as a desirable trait, it can be detrimental to mental health. Your desire to stay perfect causes mental stress, especially when you cannot control the activities around you.

It is not uncommon to find yourself continually setting unrealistic goals and desiring to excel all the time. You may also find yourself constantly criticizing yourself and pushing yourself to the limits, even after achieving your goals. Part of self-love is embracing the lack of perfection in your life. It eliminates stress and keeps maintains your mental health.

Self-Love and Self Care

Part of loving yourself is taking care of yourself. Taking care of yourself includes a wide range of activities. First, it involves having a clean and healthy body. It means being neat, having decent clothes, and feeling dignified in your body.

Self-care also includes eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and practicing healthy sleeping habits. Your physical self affects your emotional and mental health. When you are healthy on the outside, you will also feel healthy on the inside.

Self-care also includes a healthy dose of social interactions. Engaging with loved ones is vital for your health and development as a human being. It is, therefore, important to keep positive people around you as a form of self-care.

Putting Yourself First

As you grow up, you may often find yourself desiring to please others. While it is wonderful to help others, it is equally important to take care of yourself. If you spend all your energy and time pleasing others, you may forget to focus on your needs. Putting yourself first is crucial because it focuses on your happiness, well-being, and development.

Sometimes, putting yourself first may include making tough calls. It could mean cutting off some relationships, both platonic and romantic because they drain you emotionally. It could mean giving up some activities because they open you up to the dangers of drug abuse. Putting yourself first is a continuous activity that includes learning how to say no, prioritizing your goals, and being consistent about your goals.

Self-Love at The Spring

Your physical, mental, and emotional health are important to us. At The Spring, you have an opportunity to experience wholesome healing and experience self-love. Book your vacation with the Spring Resort and Spa today!