What Are the Benefits of a Digital Detox?

digital detox

What Are the Benefits of a Digital Detox?

How many hours do you spend on a screen? While you may not know the exact hours, it is safe to say that you interact with smart gadgets such as phones, tablets, laptops, and televisions almost daily. A digital detox is deliberately taking time away from technology for a given period. Here are some of the reasons The Spring Resort recommends a digital detox.

Going Offline Helps with Depression

Studies show that there is a strong link between tech use and depression. The ever-present digital connections mean that you are always responding to texts, reading emails, going through social media posts or watching videos. These activities are a significant source of stress.

In a study by the American Psychological Association, a fifth of the surveyed American adults cited tech use a significant stressor. Many people are now addicted to the internet, and experience depression from it. Comparing lives on social media harms your mental health.

During a digital detox, you can either completely ban or reduce your interactions with tech. This, in turn, reduces your addiction and helps with reducing depression. A digital detox also focuses on face-to-face interactions to improve your socialization and help you stay in good mental health.

Digital Detox Helps Build a Positive Body Image

Spending most of your time seated either on your phone, laptop, or tablet is a recipe for weight gain. Your body needs physical activity to stay fit. The seating lifestyle is bad for your weight, back and neck. Unplugging from the internet is a great way to reduce the adverse effects of sitting for too long.

Prolonged social media also causes distorted body image perceptions. The images you see on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram influence your idea of body image. Taking a digital detox is a great way to shut off the noise and stay body positive.

Lower Technology Use Increases Sleep Quality

Research shows that the use of phones and other smart devices, especially before bed, interferes with sleep quality. The light emitted by screens interrupts your natural sleeping cycle, which causes you to sleep for fewer hours and have less quality sleep.

Think of how often you use your phone in bed? How long do you stay up trying to catch up with the latest movies right before sleep? These habits have adverse effects on your sleep, and consequently, your health. Sleep is essential because it replenishes your mind and your body.

When you take a digital detox in The Springs, you will learn how to avoid your phone and other screens in bed or right before bed to improve your sleep.

Decreased Technology Use Reduces FOMO

Constant digital media use increases your Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). The continuous connections can make you feel that you are missing the best activities, events and moments of your life. Every time you see images about other people’s lives, you may think that your existence is not exciting. FOMO can cause over commitment and anxiety, hence the need for a digital detox.

Take Your Digital Detox Today

As you relax in our airy rooms, visit the spa, meditate and focus and yoga, you can shut out the noise from your digital gadgets. You will also learn how to manage technology use to lead a healthier life. Visit The Spring Resort today for your digital detox.