A Look at Chromatherapy

Chromatherapy at our Palm Springs Spa Resort

A Look at Chromatherapy

Chromatherapy At Our Palm Springs Spa Resort

Colors have a profound impact on our overall well-being. For instance, warm colors such as red, pink, and yellow tend to bring about feelings of happiness, energy, and optimism. Cool colors such as blue and purple are often calming and soothing. Dark and muted colors such as black and grey, on the other hand, evoke sadness. This explains why gray, dreary skies make us feel sad. Now, that said, wouldn’t it be nice if the power of the energizing and soothing colors could be harnessed? The short answer to that is yes, and the best bit is that it’s already happening through Chromatherapy at our Palm Springs Spa Resort.

What is Chromatherapy?

Chromatherapy, also known as color therapy, is the science of healing that uses colored light to adjust body vibrations as a way to bring health and balance to the body and mind. It relies on the premise that each color has a different and significant impact on the mind, body, and emotions.

Chromatherapy may seem like a new concept, but it’s a relatively ancient form of healing that originates from Asia, and some parts of the Middle East. To be precise, it aligns with the Indian chakra system. It is today a regular feature in infrared saunas, and you will find it at our Palm Springs Spa Resort.

How Each Chromatherapy Color Promotes Harmony between the Body, Mind, and Spirit

As mentioned, chromatherapy uses a spectrum of colors to ensure the body and the mind work in harmony. Now, each color spectrum usually has a different impact as shown below;


Red is a warm color. Hence it brings warmth, energy, optimism, happiness, and stimulation. It’s believed to increase the heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure in chromatherapy. Hence it’s most used to enhance circulatory as well as nervous functions, and as such, offers relief to muscle soreness and arthritis pain. It, at the same time, activates one’s metabolism, increases libido, and promotes collagen build-up. Red light in chromatherapy is a dominant color and symbolizes the root chakra.


Yellow is the brightest light in chromatherapy. It is believed to increase the neuromuscular tone, hence purifies blood, strengthens the nervous and immune system, relieves indigestion and has a bunch of many other benefits. Being the brightest color, it also stimulates happiness, awakens mental inspiration, evokes a sense of security, and, consequently, a strong feeling of wellbeing.


Green is a naturally soothing and calming color. It promotes healing and harmony between the mind and body. Being the natural color of Mother Nature, it also allows us to feel connected to the earth. It symbolizes the heart chakra, and being exposed to green light through chromatherapy gives you a healthier heart.


Blue is also a calming color. It is, therefore, an anti-anxiety color as it brings about mental relaxation and clarity. It reduces blood pressure and is effective in treating sleep disorders, headaches, and other stress-related problems.


Teal is a combination of blue and green. Thus it boasts the combined effects of both colors. As such, it helps increase clarity, promotes cell regeneration, boosts immunity, reduces pain, brings about mental relaxation, and eases pain and fever.


Indigo is good with visual defects, tension headaches and migraines, and skin problems such as psoriasis. It is the most mentally stimulating of all colors used in chromatherapy. It sparks creativity expands imagination and dream activity.