Benefits of Soaking in Waters High of Sulfate, Bicarbonate, and Sodium

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Benefits of Soaking in Waters High of Sulfate, Bicarbonate, and Sodium

Benefits of Soaking in Waters High in Sulfate, Bicarbonate, and Sodium

Soaking in mineral waters is one of the many strategies of self-medication to maintain and promote your health. There are essential minerals that our bodies do not produce but are vital for our general well-being. Mineral water has several of these crucial minerals believed to have beneficial effects for a number of conditions. What benefits can you get from soaking in waters high of sulfate, bicarbonate, and sodium, for instance? There’s quite a number, actually. Read on to learn more. 

Benefits of Sulfate

Sulfate compounds comprise of sulfur and oxygen elements. It’s an essential mineral in our body, being the third most abundant anion in the blood, that helps with the detoxification of toxic metals, food additives, and drugs. It’s important for the transportation of nutrients inside and outside the cells. Your body needs enough glutathione, a vital antioxidant, which sulfate plays an important role. 

Sulfate is also known for its therapeutic properties in alleviating different skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, scabies, and dandruff. It makes your skin healthy and youthful, and your hair smooth and glossy. Insulin production also requires significant amounts of this mineral. 

But food sources alone may not give you sufficient sulfate for your body. Soaking in mineral water for a significant period can give you the other amounts to enjoy all the benefits and stay healthy.    

Benefits of Bicarbonate

Soaking in bicarbonate-rich mineral waters can prevent or improve type 2 diabetes (T2D). This beneficial mineral can improve blood circulation to the extremities of our bodies and help open the peripheral blood vessels. Studies have shown tepid to warm bicarbonate-rich water can help alleviate mild atherosclerosis, nervous system imbalances, cardiovascular diseases, and hypertension. 

This mineral can boost your kidney function by keeping the pH levels in check (lowering the acid levels in the body). It also helps protect you against urinary tract infections. If you’ve been struggling with acne & pimples, bicarbonate can help reduce skin inflammation and has antibacterial properties that prevent breakouts. 

Benefits of Sodium  

Our bodies require electrolytes in relatively large amounts – they carry electric charges through body fluids like blood. Sodium is a major electrolyte contained in blood and fluids around the body cells that serve a very important role in enzyme operations. It helps maintain the fluids in a normal balance, which is very important, especially if you’re living an active lifestyle. 

Sodium improves brain function and helps keep your mind sharp. In fact, a slight reduction of sodium levels in the body can manifest as lethargy and confusion to your brain. It’s also vital for glucose absorption, muscle contraction, nerve impulses, and improving heart performance. Other versatile benefits that you can get from sodium include:

  • Relieves muscle cramps.
  • Contains anti-aging properties to restore your youthful and healthy skin.
  • Helps remove excess carbon dioxide that accumulates in the body.

Your body needs to keep the balance of sodium levels to prevent hyponatremia (too low sodium concentration) or hypernatremia (too high sodium concentration). Hyponatremia can cause low blood pressure and impairment of bodily functions. Soaking in mineral springs high in sodium can boost the sodium levels in your body to enhance its role. 


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