Long and Short Term Benefits of Mineral Spring Soaking

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Long and Short Term Benefits of Mineral Spring Soaking

Long and Short Term Benefits of Mineral Spring Soaking

Mineral spring soaking has gained popularity all over the world for its therapeutic benefits. The essence of raising the mineral spring temperature is to increase its capacity to hold more dissolved minerals, hence better therapeutic results. This process has several benefits for your body. We’ve prepared a list of some of the significant short and long term benefits that you can get from soaking in mineral water. Please read on.  

Short-Term Benefits

Combats Nasal Congestion

Perhaps you’ve experienced nasal congestion at some point in your life. Maybe you were struggling with a common cold, chest congestion, or some form of an allergic reaction. This condition can be quite disturbing, considering the breathing difficulties that come with it. The sulfur and the heat of mineral springs can significantly combat this congestion. And you’ll be free of such breathing difficulties. 

Brings Relaxation

Stressing can be a setback to a lot of things you set yourself to do – job, studies, relationships, etc. It can also result in a number of health complications, including depression, high blood pressure, and a rise in cortisol levels (a stress hormone that affects our metabolism, immune system, and mood). Soaking in mineral spring could help your mind and body to de-stress and relax, and your mood will be improved. You’ll sleep better and peacefully with no stress on your mind.  


Improves Blood Circulation

Mineral springs contain calcium and sodium bicarbonate; two of the essential minerals that aid in improving blood circulation in our bodies. This can also help with lowering the blood pressure – can be vital for patients often experiencing high blood pressure. 


Alleviates Musculoskeletal Problems

For several ages now, mineral springs have been used to alleviate such conditions as ligament damage, muscle fatigue, arthritis, and swollen joints, among other conditions. The heat helps soothe the pain in the muscles for a relieving feeling.  

Long-Term Benefits


Heals Skin Problems

Mineral water is rich in silica, an essential mineral that soothes irritations and softens dry and rough skin. Sulfur is also known for its potential to alleviate conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and the usually stubborn acne. With time, you’ll restore your healthy and youthful appearing skin. 



Boosts Your Immune System

Iron and other trace minerals in mineral spring can help improve your immune system. This will strengthen the immune system and make it more able to fight and prevent different infections from harming your body. 



Burns Calories

Do you intend to burn the extra calories in your body? Well, mineral spring can be a practical strategy to achieve this goal. The passive heating from the spring can help you burn up to 140 calories per hour. Schedule a regular visit to a spring, and you’ll eventually burn a significant amount of calories.    



Aids in Detoxification

Regular soaking in hot mineral spring can help normalize your endocrine system and tone your autonomic nervous system. You’ll also sweat a lot more than usual, which is a way of releasing toxins from your body.  


To get enough of these benefits, you need to ensure you soak in mineral water with slightly raised temperatures. The Spring Resort & Spa mineral spring is rich in essential minerals vital for your general well being. Consult with our well-trained team today to begin your journey to a brighter tomorrow. We look forward to serving you!