Top 10 Benefits of Juice Cleansing

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Top 10 Benefits of Juice Cleansing

Have you ever felt tired, sluggish and overall not feeling at your optimum health?   A juice cleanse mimics a water fast by limiting the intake of food.  During a juice cleanse, usually done in 3-5 day increments, you body will start to feel the effects of not having to work at digesting food, only organic juice and water. This type of cleanse is a perfect way to kick start your life, take a break and be able to enjoy the many benefits of a juice cleanse for mind, body and spirit!

  1. Helps Keep you Hydrated

By only taking in the juice of organic fruits and vegetables along with distilled water you are helping keep your digestive system and body hydrated.  When you are hydrated from the inside out you will be less hungry and will feel more satisfied.

  1. Betters your Relationship with Food

When you take a break from your daily routine you are able to reflect when and why you may be triggered to eat sugary, salty, or processed foods.  This reflection time allows you to take a personal inventory as to why you have these food triggers and by not giving into them you are able to take your power back.

  1. Heals the Immune System

When you stop the intake of food you give your digestion and body a break and allow for your immune system to catch up.  Many beneficial gut bacteria is found on the skin of fruits and vegetables.  When you increase the intake of more of these fruits and vegetables you are helping your digestion.

  1. A Digestive Respite

When you do a juice cleanse you give your body the opportunity to focus on elimination, recovery and healing instead of digestion.  Research says, on average a person uses about 10% of their daily energy toward digestion, 20-30% on proteins in which most go undigested.   You can use that 10-30% toward more brain fuel or light exercise.

  1. A Youthful Glow

After a few days of ingesting fresh juice by hydrating the body and replacing toxic waste with new cells your skin will look more youthful and more hydrated.

  1. More Sustained Energy

After a few days of an organic juice cleanse many juicers will feel an influx of energy in the morning and throughout the day by having the calories they need but not the heaviness and draining feeling after eating food.

  1. Nutritional Benefits

Advocates of juicing say that there are many benefits including the nutritional benefits.  Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals which will introduce extra nutrients into the body to boost overall health.

  1. Detox Cellular Waste

Juicing with raw organic juice allows the body to heal from injury and disease.  This rest from food allows the body to focus on healing your body from chronic ailments.

  1. Rest Helps Digestion

Cortisol levels increase when we are stressed or tired putting our autonomic nervous system at work into the sympathetic system of “Fight or Flight” mode.  When we take the time to rest and remove our self from daily stressors  our nervous system will go into parasympathetic system of “Rest and Digest”.  This is when digestion works at its optimum!

  1. Allergens and Food Sensitivities Lessen

By cutting out processed foods, sugars, gluten, alcohol, dairy and other food stressors for a few days will give your body the break it needs and may help you realizes allergies and sensitivities you never would have noticed before.