Types of Skin Problems (Oily, Dry, Brown Spots, Wrinkles)

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Types of Skin Problems (Oily, Dry, Brown Spots, Wrinkles)

Every woman wants to have beautiful and naturally glowing skin, right? And why not. Today we will be discussing a few conditions that negatively affect women’s skin. Do you find that your skin has changed in color or texture? Maybe you are experiencing some kind of skin discomfort? If this is the case, get in touch with us at The Spring Resort and Spa. Our Spa is renowned for treating a variety of skin conditions.

There are many different types of skin problems. Each type of skin disease has its own set of symptoms. Skin issues can be either permanent or temporary. In fact, men and women suffer from the same types of issues overall, however, most skin problems are more commonly found in women. The most common skin disorders that affect women are; oily skin, dry skin as well as brown spots and wrinkles.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the causes, symptoms, risk factors, remedies, and treatments for different types of skin disorders. Additionally, we’ll provide you with tips to help you prevent the most common problems for women’s skin.

Oily Skin

This type of skin disorder is caused by too much sebum. Due to changes in hormones, sebaceous glands begin to produce high amounts of sebum. As a result, skin issues such as oily skin, acne, and clogged pores may occur.

Controlling oily skin can be hard. If you are dealing with this type of problem, then you need to take care of your skin regularly. It’s recommended to wash the face with a gentle soap and warm water. Also, it makes a lot of sense to dry the face after washing. Using astringent toners, certain facials masks, as well as moisturizers, helps ease the symptoms of oily skin.

Our spa day packages include facial youth revealing treatments, facial skin freshness treatments and other types of treatments that work well for oily skin issues.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is another common skin problem in women. Oftentimes, dry skin is caused by hot water and dry weather conditions. When skin is dry you may have symptoms like cracking, inflammation, itching and scaling. Applying moisturizers is vital for dry skin care. At our Spa we offer facial plumping moisturizing treatments for women, massages as well as other types of facial and body treatments for dry skin issues.

Brown Spots

Brown spots occur on the skin when the body produces too much melanin. The problem can be caused by hormonal changes, sun damage, wound healing and diabetes. Brown spots differ in color and sizes. Brown spots may occur on different areas of a body including back of hands, face, shoulders and back.

Luckily, it’s possible to get rid of brown spot, and we have just the service for you. Patients with this type of skin disorder can get the facial brightening radiance treatment to remove brown spots from the body and keep their skin beautiful and healthy.


Wrinkles (also known as age spots) are a known problem for women. Wrinkles can appear on skin over time. Facial wrinkle correction treatment provided by our Day Spa works effectively for wrinkles. Book a service and begin to see wrinkles on your body visibly corrected. Finally, your skin will look beautiful and young again.