Benefits of Mineral Springs for Your Skin

Mineral Springs for Your Skin

Benefits of Mineral Springs for Your Skin

Benefits of Mineral Springs for Your Skin

Have you ever wondered why most people, especially those with different skin conditions, prefer to bathe or soak in mineral springs for some time? Well, the answer is with the essential minerals present in the water. These salts possess therapeutic properties that can alleviate most of the common skin conditions. Magnesium, sulfur (sulfate), calcium, and iron are the major salts in mineral springs. To understand more about the benefits of mineral springs, we’ll discuss the benefits of each of these minerals on your skin.



Magnesium is known to improve the general appearance and condition of your skin. Lack of sufficient magnesium in your body could result in loss of crucial fatty acids responsible for maintaining moisture levels and elasticity of your skin, hence a dry, patchy skin. Soaking in mineral springs will allow your body to absorb significant amounts of magnesium for a smoother and younger complexion.

But that’s not all. Magnesium protects your skin against free radicals that could offset the early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It regulates the cellular repair and replication, giving your skin a more youthful appearance and the ability to recover from common skin disturbance.

Magnesium can also heal and calm inflammation on the surface of your skin. This reduces the severity of breakouts and gives your skin a clearer and calmer complexion. Your imperfections will hardly be seen.



According to experts, sulfur harnesses several benefits for our skin. This mineral is keratolytic, hence can help dry out the dead skin cells to prevent skin dullness, breakouts, and clogged pores.

If you’re struggling to get rid of acne, you can attest to how stubborn it can be. Though different treatments have been introduced in the market, most do not make it disappear completely. However, soaking or bathing in mineral springs can help alleviate this stubborn condition. The sulfate kills and prohibits new bacteria from growing and spreading. This includes the bacteria responsible for rosacea – facial redness.

Sulfur is also effective in treating such conditions like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, skin discoloration, warts, and eczema.



Calcium is just as important in taking care of your skin as it is for your bones. The epidermis is more vulnerable to damage due to its direct exposure to the outside world. Calcium is vital for cell differentiation, lipid barrier function, and sebum regulation. This helps with offsetting the replacement of old skin cells with new ones within the shortest time possible.

Lack of sufficient calcium in your skin could make the skin appear thin, fragile, and aged. It slows the skin growth and turnover process. Mineral springs have a significant amount of calcium – one of the beneficial minerals for your skin. Calcium’s therapeutic properties can also be seen in enhancing the youthful appearance of your skin by fighting wrinkles and aging.

Bathing or soaking in mineral spring can also help protect the skin from harmful UV rays that could lead to skin cancer; calcium can stimulate antioxidants to protect your skin from precancerous cells.



Anemia is a serious condition caused by iron deficiency in our bodies. This deficiency can make your skin look shallow. Mineral springs contain dissolved iron that can be absorbed through your skin to the blood to increase hemoglobin levels and restore your skin health.

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