Benefits of Mineral Springs on Your Nervous System & Emotions

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Benefits of Mineral Springs on Your Nervous System & Emotions

Minerals are essential elements that help our body grow, perform different functions, and stay healthy. The health of our nervous system is important for quite a number of reasons, including maximum focus, sufficient & peaceful sleep, effective excretion of toxic waste products, high productivity, and positive thinking towards different aspects of life. Mineral springs contain several essential minerals that provide a plethora of benefits for your nervous system. Here are some of the beneficial minerals that you can find in mineral springs.   


This mineral is usually referred to as the “Master Commander” or “the original chill pill” of the human body, not only because it’s essential for the well-being of your muscles and bones. But it’s also vital for your brain and nervous system. 

Lack of sufficient magnesium in your body can result in insomnia, a condition associated with lack or difficulty in sleeping. Magnesium usually regulates the neurotransmitters in your brain and calms your nerves by activating the parasympathetic nervous system to help reduce and prevent sleep disorders. This mineral is also crucial in the formation of glutathione and melatonin, the sleep-enhancing chemicals for easier, longer, and better quality sleep. No more sleepless nights that leave you feeling unmotivated and groggy in the morning!

Experts also recommend magnesium for use in the treatment of different conditions like depression, anxiety, restlessness, insecurity, stress, apathy, behavioral disturbance, seizures, and sulkiness. 

Mineral springs can be a good call for you and your loved ones to have fun soaking and bathing in it while allowing your body to absorb this crucial mineral for maximum benefits to your nervous system.


Just like magnesium, the importance of calcium is not confined to bone health. It’s an essential mineral to our nervous system. The nervous tissues utilize the energy in calcium for the stimulation of nerve impulses to trigger muscle contractions. Hence the contraction and movement of different body parts & organs, including the contraction of the heart. This allows you to facilitate the usual body actions efficiently. Calcium is usually excreted easily from the body through sweat, urination, and certain body changes like the pregnancy. Which is why it’s important to ensure your body receives enough amounts of this essential mineral. Soaking in mineral springs regularly can increase the levels of calcium in your body, enough to ensure the effective functioning of the nervous system. 


Sulfur is usually present in mineral water as a sulfate. It plays a key role in the production of sufficient glutathione in your body, which helps improve your overall mood and prevent and lack of sufficient sleep. 


This mineral helps maintain healthy nerves in your body, allowing them to function efficiently. It’s an important mineral that helps alleviate restless leg syndrome, a condition that causes itchy sensations in your feet and makes you want to (unusually) move your legs from time to time. You’d hardly have enough sleep with this condition. Iron deficiency has also been linked to anxiety and depression, among other emotional conditions. Mineral springs can help your body to raise and maintain the iron levels for the general well-being of your nervous system.   


“But I can just bathe and soak in hot water while at home.” Well, yes you can. But, unfortunately, you won’t receive any of the benefits discussed here, and more. Here’s why. During routine treatments, most of the essential salts are removed from the water for different reasons, such as to avoid scaling of pipes. What is the good news? Our Spring Resort & Spa water is mineral and contains these and many other essential minerals to promote health and to support your nervous system.