Dry Brushing before a Sauna; Why You Should Try it Next Time

inside of a sauna

Dry Brushing before a Sauna; Why You Should Try it Next Time

While a sauna on its own, whether Finnish or infrared, provides immense health benefits, dry brushing is an excellent trick to enhance these benefits. Also known as skin brushing, or garshana, dry brushing is precisely as the name suggests. That is,  it’s the act of running firm bristles of a natural brush across your skin when it’s dry. It is a beauty technique that has been around for ages, and one that you should try before using a sauna at our natural hot springs Spa in California.

Benefits of Dry Brushing before a Sauna – Check out our Palm Springs Spa Resort;

Stimulates lymph drainage.

As you may know, the body’s lymphatic system mainly delivers cell nutrients and also helps in waste removal. Even though effective, this system works solely on its own. This means that unlike our circulatory system, it doesn’t have any pump to inspire the movement of nutrients or waste. Therefore, the more the amount of toxins in your body, the harder it becomes for the lymphatic system to serve its function effectively.

But dry brushing every time before you get into the sauna helps inspire movement in the lymphatic system. It removes dead skin cells, opens up clogged pores, and moves toxins to the right places, so they are readily available for excretion. This way, the lymphatic system can have an easy time flushing out toxins during your sauna session. In other words, dry brushing before a sauna session helps stimulate lymph drainage, which in turn sets you up for maximum detoxification.

Improves Skin Appearance

Other than jump starting your lymphatic system, dry brushing, as noted, eliminates dead skin and unclogs pores. This, combined with the detoxifying effects the sauna has on your skin, means that you walk out of natural hot springs in California with softer, younger-looking skin.

Improves Circulation

Dry brushing also increases blood flow to the skin. As a result, it sets you up for maximum detoxification as improved blood circulation means more toxins will be flushed through perspiration.

Other benefits of dry brushing before a sauna include

  • Decreased bloating
  • Improved kidney function
  • Reduced cellulite

How to Dry Brush the Right Way

For more effective dry brushing before you sauna session at our day spa palm springs, always use a soft, natural bristle brush.

The direction of the brush strokes should be upwards. So start at your feet and brush towards your upper body in gentle, sweeping strokes with light pressure. However, brush harder in areas of thick skin such as the bottom of your feet. Brushing towards the heart, or your upper body often helps activate the lymphatic system so it can do its job effectively.

Brush clockwise in circular motions on your stomach. On your arms, sweep or brush towards the armpits as there is a cluster of lymph nodes in this area. Avoid dry brushing the face and the nipple area of your breasts and do this at least 5-10 minutes before you start using the sauna.


As mentioned before, a sauna on its own is super effective and parks a lot of benefits. However, you’ll reap maximum benefits from that 30 minutes sauna session at the Spring Spa, a Natural Hot Springs in California report.