What are Infrared Rays? Are they Good or Bad?

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What are Infrared Rays? Are they Good or Bad?

Looking for information about Infrared Rays at our Desert Hot Springs Spa? Infrared rays have been in the last few years, making headlines in the wellness and self-care realm. Even though invisible to the human eyes, these rays are reportedly useful in detoxification, promoting blood circulation and are also said to have anti-aging effects. But what exactly are infrared rays? Where are they commonly used? Should you try this treatment? If these are some of the questions running in your mind right now, then you happen to be in the right place.

What are Infrared Rays?

Commonly referred to as infrared light, infrared rays refer to a form of radiant energy, which is above the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that while infrared rays are invisible to the human eye, we can feel them as heat. They account for approximately 40% of the sun’s rays. This explains why you can feel the warmth of the sun but cannot see it.

Infrared rays are an essential part of today’s wellness world and are the driving factor behind infrared saunas. On that note, it’s easy to wonder, haven’t the sun’s rays been proven damaging to the human skin? Well, a study shows that with the right intensity, infrared rays are perceived as heat by the human body.

In other words, these rays allow your body to harness the healing power of the sun’s warmth without being exposed to UV rays. Also, note, infrared rays have diverse applications and are even used in neonatal intensive care, which means they are not damaging. Therefore, unlike the sun’s ultraviolet light, infrared rays pack a pretty bunch of benefits as shown below;

Skin Rejuvenation and Regeneration

Want glowing, flawless skin? Then make reservations at our Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel today. Our sauna uses infrared rays, which have been proven to increase blood flow to all body cells. This ensures the required amount of oxygen, as well as nutrients, reaches the skin cell, stimulating the regeneration and repair of damaged skin cells. As a result, this leads to better skin.

Additionally, infrared rays better penetrate below skin layers, hence raise the body’s temperature more effectively stimulating detoxification. This flushes out all toxins, enabling your skin to breathe and glow.

Increased Blood Circulation

One of the main reasons why infrared rays have been found helpful is because they help increase oxygen circulation, and consequently, better blood circulation. This brings about a long string of other health benefits such as reduced muscle and joint paint.

Boost Immune Function

Another great reason why infrared rays are a good idea is that they increase your white blood cell count, which means better immunity. For instance, it has been proven that regular sauna users during winter often have a lower risk of getting a cold. So do yourself a favor this winter season and book your infrared sauna session at our Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel and enjoy all of the fantastic benefits we have to offer you.

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Now that we have explained the benefits of infrared rays, let us explain that they only account for about 40% of the sun’s rays. So while a little sunshine is good for the soul, sitting in the sun for long periods will only do more damage than good. It is therefore advisable you visit us and make full use of our infrared sauna so you can reap all the above benefits.